The Wooden Princess

Krolewna z drewna 5
Author: Waldemar Wolański poziom2KUP BILET

Stage Direction: Waldemar Wolański
Script: Waldemar Wolański
Stage Design: Katarzyna Rynkiewicz
Music: Tomasz Walczak
Choreography: Joanna Wolańska
Accompaniment: Michał Makulski (accordion), Michał Nowak (bass), Radek Bolewski (drums)
Klaudia Kalinowska,
Adrianna Maliszewska,
Małgorzata Wolańska,
Szymon Nygard,
Tomasz Pieczątkowski,
Kamil Witaszak

The Wooden Princess is a colourful and rhyming performance for children aged 5 and up. It tells the adventures of a young pine tree that saves her parents and the whole forest against bad bark beetles. There are lots of songs and fun in it but at the same time the performance grips the audience. Apart from its artistic and musical advantages, The Wooden Princess is also an educational proposal which teaches children about different tree species and in an attractive way encourages them to commune with the nature.
Premiere date – 18th March, 2017


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