The Time Thief

zlodziej czasu plakat
Author: Waldemar Wolański poziom2Kup bilet

Direction and scenario: Waldemar Wolański
Stage design: Andrzej Czyczyło

Music: Krzysztof Dzierma
Computers animation: Tomasz Popakul
Vocal development: Teresa Stokowska-Gajda

Małgorzata Wolańska, Karolina Zajdel, Tomasz Pieczątkowski, Wojciech Kondzielnik, Wojciech Schabowski, Wojciech Stagenalski

"The Time Thief" is a pure novelty in our repetoire.The Polish screening has occured simultaneously with Poland nationwide premiere of the book under the same name. This is a classic fairy tale with all the characteristics distinctive for this genre such as magic, spells, battle of good versus evil. Above all, "The time thief" is a timeless story about life passing by, eternal struggling with the time drifting away as well as losing and finding happiness. This touching play is a hillarious treat for young and old alike.



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