The Ox and the Donkey’s Christmas Story 

Author: Paweł Pawlik poziom2KUP BILET

Stage direction: Janusz Ryl-Krystianowski
Stage design: Julia Skuratova
Music: Robert Łuczak
Stage movement: Ewelina Ciszewska

Klaudia Kalinowska
Katarzyna Stanisz
Wojciech Kondzielnik
Szymon Nygard
Kamil Witaszak

Christmas is the perfect time for listening to a story about the ox and the donkey which are discouraged by hard work and people. At Christmas they find out that only  animals will bring happiness to the world when they seize power. At the prompting of the devil, they set off to crush people. On the way, they meet frozen Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus who have not been put up for a night. The ox and the donkey, forgetting their imperious plans, try to warm up the Holy Family with their breath.

Premiere: 12 December, 2015