The Grey Boy

                      poziom0KUP BILET
Direction and script: Katarzyna Kawalec
Stage design and animal puppets: Areta Puchalska

Costumes and kids puppets: Joanna Iwanicka
Stage designer’s assistant: KatarzynaSułkowska
Music: RadosławBolewski, KatarzynaKawalec

Cast: Katarzyna Stanisz, Kamil Witaszak

What could the creation of the world be like? Why not like enormous fun for children with paper and paints? Together with Moon Mother and Sky Father we will try to create a beautiful place in the forbidding wilds – the world. We will find out why Moon Mother and Shy Father did not leave the world colourless when they created it. And how did it happen that people are so different? We will finally meet the Grey Boy – indifferent and emotionless - who  Moon Mother and Sky Father care about the most about. Together with the boy we will see if colours and emotions can have anything in common. Apparently,  they can have a lot!

It is a fine fairy tale about tolerance and acceptance for others, about a mystery hidden in the creation process and about colours - emotions that are in each of us and which should be stirred up.  The performance is gentle and charming, made especially for the youngest audience who learn how to get to know themselves and the world. It is an interactive performance, geared towards talking and finding out answers to different questions.

Premiere: 19 May 2013

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