Matt the Splitter

Author: Michał Walczak poziom2KUP BILET


Stage Direction: Tomasz Man
Stage Design: Anetta Piekarska-Man
Music: Tomasz Man
Choreography: Joanna Wolańska

Cast: Agata Butwiłowska
Patrycja Czyszpak-Pawlak
Małgorzata Wolańska
Adrianna Maliszewska
Wojciech Kondzielnik
Wojciech Stagenalski
Kamil Witaszak

Matt the Splitter is an unruly contemporary child story, full of adventures and humour. It is about a boy whose parents split up because they don’t devote enough time to their son. His mum and dad are entirely committed to a career in corporations, being money-hungry to pay off their mortgage for a luxury apartment, they forget about their child.
The act of separation is performed by two suspicious characters: Hak and Mak, who represent the dark side of the city. Their goal is to make the quarreling spouses split up effectively. The boy with his bosom friend – Cockroach go on an amazing journey in search for the separated parents …

The story is told in the convention of a comic book (with sequential panels and speech balloons). It is a type of good-natured horror where actors play in cartoonish masks and the rock band Cockroaches impart positive energy and lots of emotions to the whole performance. Matt the Splitter is addressed to children aged 7 to 12 and their parents who love each other and quarrel in turns …

Premiere: 26th of November, 2016

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