The Master and Margarita

Author: Michaił Bułhakow poziom3KUP BILET


Direction and scenario: Waldemar Wolański
Stage design: Joanna Hrk
Music: Piotr Nazaruk
Magic effects: Szymon Maciak

Marek Kasprzyk
Mariusz Saniternik
Szymon Nygard
Katarzyna Stanisz 
Franciszek Pieczka

The story about Satan that eternally wills evil and eternally works good has entered the canons of masterpieces of world literature. It would take a long time to talk about all the chords the story strikes in us as everyone reads it in a different way. Ones are interested in a grotesque picture of socialist realist Moscow, others are amazed by the love between Margarita and the Master or yet by the theme of Pilate and Yeshua which is treated not stereotypically. 

The main narrator of the performance is one person – Ivan Bezdomny – a poet who has been driven mad and tangled in a tragicomic series of events. It’s a moving story about Margarita who is  unhappy in love , about people who can’t love against all and everything. Let yourself be seduced by the diabolic magic and by the story about a woman who loves so much that is able to sell her soul to the devil.