In the Persuit of...

Author: Przemysław Wechterowicz 

poziom2KUP BILET

Direction: Anna Nowicka
Stage design: Michał Adam Jankowski
Music: Piotr Klimek

Klaudia Kalinowska
Katarzyna Pałka
Szymon Nygard

Certainly, each of us at least once has asked themselves a question Why am I, where am I going? The answer seems to be simple one time and some other time it becomes an inexplicable issue. It often slips through our fingers, play tricks and sparkles with all colours of the rainbow.

Almost every day, month and with time we change our mind on the sense of life, choose our priorities, set ourselves next aims. But no matter how many of them we achieve, what always plays an important role is unrelenting TIME: life time, time of death, working time, free time, time for fun, love, us …

The performance, which is an allegorical story, is based on the book In the pursuit of life by Przemysław Wechterowicz and it suggests a few answers on the difficult questions mentioned above. They give sleepless nights not only to everyman in the street but also to the greatest of the world.

Audience is moved to the world of a little ephemerid (a flying insect) that finds out just after being born that its life lasts only one day… And within this only one day the insect tries with all its little strength to pass the time the best it can.

The performance is made using a very interesting technique of shadow theatre mixed with computer animation.

Premiere: 12 September 2015

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