plakat2017mniejszyThe International Festival of Animation Art ANIMART is the greatest and the only Polish event dedicated to the puppetry and animation art as a whole. The idea lying behind the festival is to praise the importance of the animation art that unfortunately begins to sink into oblivion. Its mission is to present the most precious occurrences and trends in the contemporary animation, comparison of the achievements of Polish, European and World artists from the puppet theatre and film animation. ANIMART is an interdisciplinary festival focused on theatrical and stop motion animation organized by ARLEKIN Puppet Theatre, Film School in Lodz and Momakin Agency. The festival aims to familiarize the public with achievements of Polish and international artists creating puppet theatres and stop motion animations. 

At the International Festival of Animation Art Animation ANIMART to The Arlekin Puppet Theatre are invited real masters in their field, giving a unique opportunity to look at the techniques of their work. The diversity of invited artists, both in terms of experience, specialization or cultural circle, gives a great potential for showing a wide spectrum of animation techniques, such as puppets, shadow theater, bunraku, masks, glove masters, hand puppets, table puppets, marionettes, human sized puppets, muppets or trick puppets. At the last one Festival were the performances in which the basis of animation were, among others, Maori original carved puppets, blowing foils, clay, crochet puppets, or - in Korean Theatre - puppets made of special hanji paper. The festival also presents a full spectrum of forms from tiny box stages to big open air shows.

 We would like to inform You that the AnimArt - International Festival of Animation Art has to be suspended in 2018. We hope AnimArt Festival will appear in 2019 again.

The Festival Office is located at:

The Arlekin Puppet Theatre
al.1 Maja 2
90-718 Lodz, Poland,
tel./fax +4842 633 08 94, email:



The first edition of the ANIMART Festival was held from 19-24th September, 2015 in the center of Poland – in Łódź. In a way, it was a continuation of two events - the International Festival of Solo Puppeteers and the International Festival of Street Art TrotuArt – both huge festivals organised by the Arlekin Puppet Theatre for 16 years which have been highly valued by not only the audience but also authorities and media.

The ANIMART Festival contrasts achievements of animation theatre artists and the stop motion animated film. While selecting performances and films for the festival, we will prefer the pieces of work which in an artistic way combine the two forms of art. i.e. theatre and film. Also traditional performances provided they are at a high artistic level of animation may be selected for the festival.
Its second edition took place in Lodz from September 24th to September 30th, 2016. For seven days, in an very successful edition, ANIMART hosted World Puppet Carnival - one of the largest international wandering festivals in the world. Each year it takes place in another country, and its main goal is to unite creators from all over the world, in spite of divisions, prejudices or cultural differences and presenting their culture in different parts of the globe. There have never been such cultural meeting in Poland: we hosted theatres from 6 continents from 31 countries such as New Zealand, Iran, India, Malaysia, Argentina, South Korea, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Egypt, USA, Tunisia, Canada, Thailand and a very strong representation of puppet animators from Europe as well. Most of these theaters as well as theaters from some countries visited Poland for the first time in history. ANIMART Festival also visited foreign and domestic creators and producers of stop motion animated films, among others from France, Finland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In 2016 ANIMART Festival had significantly expanded its film section. Everyday free animated screenings in open spaces were enriched by: Tim Allen's world-class animator, a presentation on the best puppet film of the year, educational and cultural project "History through Culture: Revolutions!" and, for the first time, we organized ANIMARKT - a full day event dedicated to film industry professionals.

In 2017 year's edition, on the ANIMART Festival featured 26 theaters from around the world, giving 33 performances on 3 theatre stages and several outdoor venues. More than 30 screenings sets of animated films from around the world took place in several venues in Lodz - cinemas, museums and public spaces. There were also  exhibitions, a masterclass with Tim Allen, animation workshops for children, an open air animation playground, an event for professionals - ANIMARKT and few discussion panels – t almost 80 events happened in total. The rich repertoire of AnimArt is directed not only to the youngest audience but often to adults.

We have gathered in one week the most interesting performances for the youngest, a sensational set of adult shows and also family shows - for every viewer. Apart from the performances from the world, we will also present what has been created at the Polish puppet theater in recent seasons.
In 2017 we returned to the original idea of the competition. Hence the spectacles will be able to watch in several sections. The Re//Master section is our master part. Here are the companies that have never visited Poland yet, but which are already highly regarded in the puppetry world. This will be the only way to see the international ensemble of the French Plexus Polaire theater featuring "Cendres /Ashes" performance, co-produced by one of the world's greatest puppeteers, Philippe Genty, or the sensational version of the “Mahabharata” made by Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust from India, with various types of puppets, masks, dance and live acting. Both groups have been featured last time with special grants for their productions by the world's largest puppet theater festival in Charleville-Mezieres. In Re//Animations, the competition section, we will see no less recognized shows and theaters - from Poland, and also from Chile, Italy, Israel, Argentina or Spain - among them are such unique and original theatres as Silencio Blanco, UnterWasser, Ariel Doron, Compagnia Walter Broggini or Cinema Sticado. In the open air we plan the Re//Actions - and several times we will go to the audience with the theater into the city spaces - two performances will be given by Amanitas, Los Fuegos and The Wallers. During the day, at the inaugural weekend we will invite the youngest to our Re//Public, the festival's Animation Playground at the Manufaktura, where everyone will have the opportunity to talk to the creators, working with puppets everyday and try their hand at this attractive and demanding art.
For those interested in issues of contemporary puppetry and animation together with PolUnima we organise a discussion panel Re//Activation - "Polish puppet theater and avant-garde", with a large group of Polish heads and puppet and animation theaters directors. 

For details please visit the program site. The theater is where AnimArt is!
kolaz NOWY malyteatr

Here are the invited theatre companies of AnimArt Festival 2017:

Plexus Polaire (France/Norway)
Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust (India)
Silencio Blanco (Chile)
Manija Teatro (Spain)
Compagnia Walter Broggini (Italy)
Cinema Sticado Collective (Spain)
Ariel Doron (Izrael/Germany)
Valeria Guglietti (Argentina)
UnterWasser (Italy)
Associazione Culturale La Bottega Teatrale (Italy)
Bajkamela (Serbia)
Laura Bartolomei (Italy)
The Galilee Multicultural Theatre (Israel)
I Burattini di Luciano Gottardi (Italy)
Teatr Figur Kraków (Poland)
Teatr Lalki i Aktora Kubuś (Poland)
Teatr Puppetterra (Poland) i-art-i studio – Tadeusz Wierzbicki (Poland)
Zdrojowy Teatr Animacji w Jeleniej Górze (Poland)
Teatr Animacji FalkoShow (Poland)
LALE.Teatr (Poland)
Grupa Coincidentia (Poland)
Teatr Lalek Arlekin im. H. Ryla w Łodzi (Poland)
Amanitas Fire Theatre (Czech Republic)
Los Fuegos (Poland)
The Wallers (Poland)


The theatre part of AnimArt Festival 2017 was comprised of the following parts:
Re//Master – a series of performances presented by masters of animation
Re//Animations – a series of performances entering the festival competition
Re//Actions – a series of open-air performances presented in the city area
Re//Activations – panel discussions devoted to problems of the contemporary animation
Re//Visions – exhibitions accompanying the AnimArt Festival
Re//Public – AnimArt Festival Animation at the Manufaktura Square


PRIZES of the 3rd AnimArt International Festival of Animation Art – within the Re//Animations part:
GRAND PRIX (2500 USD) – for Best Performance
Prize for Best Animation
Prize for an Innovative Approach to Puppetry Animation
Prize for Best Puppeteer
Prize for Best Scenography
Prize for Best Music



HANS HARTVICH-MADSEN (Denmark) - President of Unima-Denmark
PAVEL HUBIČKA (Czech Republic) - Set Designer
ZBIGNIEW NIECIKOWSKI(Poland) - Marshall of PolUnima's Board, director of Puppet Theatre "Pleciuga" in Szczecin








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See The 2016 AnimArt Festival resume(*PDF)

See The 2015 AnimArt Festival resume (*PDF)