based on the Decameron by Giovanni Baccaccio poziom3Kup bilet

Lyrics: David Malcolm
Stage direction: Bogdan Nauka
Stage design: Pavel Hubička
Music: Zbigniew Karnecki
Choreography: Joanna Wolańska

Cast: Agata Butwiłowska, Patrycja Czyszpak-Pawlak, Emila Dryja, Katarzyna Pałka, Klaudia Kalinowska, Katarzyna Stanisz, Karolina Zajdel

DekAmore is another proposal for adults of the Arlekin Puppet Theatre in Lodz. The performance is all the more original as it is wholly played in English. The études are witty, erotic and at the same time done with style. They are taken from The Decameron - the classic collection of novellas by Giovanni Boccaccio. The contemporary songs which comment skilfully on current trends in world eroticism were written by an acknowledged poet and a professor of English Literature - David Malcolm. Adding a daring choreography, superb costumes and most of all an unusual, totally surprising animation of puppets which are very often made of actresses' bodies, for example feet, you get great, intelligent entertainment for adults that deals with eternal problems amongst men and women.
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Seguy by David Malcolm (song)

And she said this is fun,
one on one,
but you know
if that's so,
three or four
would be more.
I feel like playing my luck.
I'll get the girls on the phone
and if they're alone
they'll give us more bang for our buck.

And so they all came.
I sing out each name.
Nancy and Jen,
and Chris and Maxine,
the tall and the black and the small.
And we tried one more number and wonder of wonder,
got Angie (yes, Angie!)
got Angie (yes, Angie!)
got Angie, the queen of the ball.


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