Beauty and the Beast

Author: Gabriela Barbot de Villeneuve poziom2KUP BILET

Script: Waldemar Wolański
Direction: Małgorzata Wolańska
Performance concept: David Syrotiak (USA)
Stage design: Maria Balcerak
Music: excerpts from Ravel’s, Musorgski’s, Bartok’s and Easdale’s works

Agata Butwiłowska
Patrycja Czyszpak-Pawlak
Klaudia Kalinowska
Wojciech Kondzielnik
Wojciech Stagenalski

The literary prototype of Beauty and the Beast is the tale L’historie de la Belle et la Bête (1740) by GabrielleBarbot de Villeneuve. The interpretation of The Arlekin Theatre is excellent entertainment, what’s important: full of nobility, for audiences atany age. The performance is made in a very rare animation technique and uses 2-metre long string marionettes. The Arlekin Puppet Theatre from Lodz is probably the only theatre in Poland which animates such precise marionettes on a regular basis.

Beauty and the Beast is an instructive performance.It approves of virtues longer lasting than beauty, elegance and callous mind. The performance lays stress on kindness and love – emotions which are more and more rarely emphasised in today’s hectic world…

Premiere: 3 October 2015

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