Adventures of Rymcimci the Bear

Author: Jan Wilkowski poziom1KUP BILET

Direction: Stanisław Ochmański

Stage Design: Joanna Hrk
Music: Michał Makulski
Assistant Director: Małgorzata Wolańska


Katarzyna Pałka
Małgorzata Wolańska
Wojciech Kondzielnik
Jan Tomasz Pieczątkowski
Wojciech Schabowski
Kamil Witaszak

In spite of his serious sounding name, Timothy is still a little bear who lives in the forest with his dad. It is another tale about the bear who this time meets a little dog on his way.

This colourful story for the youngest audience in a gentle and amusing way touches the most important issues: tolerance, responsibility, trust and parent-child relationships.

The author of the stories about Timothy the Bear - Jan Wilkowski (1921-97) – is one of the most prominent figure of the Polish puppetry. He was a playwright, stage director, actor and a teacher. In the years 1952-1969, he was a director of the Lalka Theatre in Warsaw. In 1974, together with Krzysztof Rau, he founded the Puppetry Department in Białystok (a part of the Warsaw Theatre Academy). For many years he held the post of a dean of this Department. Wilkowski was also a co-creator of the TV puppet theatre, most of all he made "Ula z Ib" - a TV series for children.

Premiere: 28th May, 2016